Meet your friends today! shows you what’s going on to meet friends more often spontaneous nearby or later. Arrange dates easily with only one Ping.

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How it works!

  • 1. Get the app
  • 2. Connect your contacts
  • 3. Ping selected friends

Never miss a chance again to hang out with friends.

  • All friends and events at a glance
  • Arrange meetings quick and easy
  • One Ping for all groups and networks

Follow live-channels and meet someone new.

Experience together more, be all day spontaneously and have fun, because all pings and messages will be deleted automatically after 24 hours.
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Use without revealing your location.

Only if you write and send a Ping your location will be available to selected user. And you can delete your pings and messages at any time with one single click. Everywhere, also on the devices of your friends and in our database.

We delete all pings and messages after 24 hours automatically. doesn't save names and encrypts your mobile number and contacts. Only your device can decrypt and use your contacts.

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Get all event invitations at a glance. See which events you are interested in and those you are attending.

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Protection & Usage

We consider Privacy to be indispensable!

Only when you ping, your current status and position will be shared with the selected group of friends within and the next 24 hours. And if you ping once more only your last status and position will be shown. We never reveal the past.

Connecting your address book

While connection your address book, each entry gets an encrypted key. That means, all your data are save and anonymous in our database. Even for Only your device knows which friend is connected with which key and cell number.

No Stalking

No stalking means undesirables will never get your ping and if friends fall from grace you can block them, temporary or limitless.

No permanent tracking

We will only ask you for your current position when you start the app or if you send a ping to get friends nearby. It's not necessary to give the app permission to track you. You can also specify your location manually, each time sending a ping or a meeting invitation. And it's not necessary to track you permanently.


If you want to be informed about opportunities to meet or when friends ping you, even when the app is closed you can grant permission as part of the registration or later in settings.

Low battery drain

No permanent tracking means no battery waste.

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